The Complexities of Product Safety in the 21st Century

In preparing a detailed response to the BEIS, Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) consultation: UK Product safety Review : Call for evidence the National Consumer Federation has needed to consider some fundamental issues for product safety in the very complex world in which we now live. As a precursor to our submission, the

NCF responds to DEFRA consultation about Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

NCF Responds to DEFRA consultation

We welcome a new move by DEFRA designed to increase recycling by making the producer responsible for covering the costs of either recycling materials that can be recycled i.e. paper, glass, aluminium, steel plastic and wood, or the costs of not recycling materials and products that cannot be recycled. This includes the cups that you

Where to go for help

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Community-based energy projects

Community-based energy projects As a consumer organisation, our historic roots are in local groups of consumers and citizens coming together to improve things for people of that particular locality (and beyond). So, the projects described below are of great interest – not just for the fact that they are local, but also because this is

Consumer Charter for Regulators 2012

Consumer Charter for Regulators 2012 Promote and protect the interests of consumers in sector where market forces alone would not deliver the best outcomes Click Here

NCF Grassroots Group Guide

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In memory of Maurice Healy

MEMORIES OF MAURICE HEALY The news of Maurice Healy’s death has saddened many – not just because of the qualities of the human being that was Maurice but because with his passing the ranks of the first movers of what we were proud to call the consumer movement grow ever thinner. Jeremy Mitchell has written

Seize the Day – A time to train for Net Zero Homes

Pete Eisenegger writes: It’s a pandemic. Consumers are being cautious. People are losing jobs. Meanwhile Global Warming continues and the need to adjust and bring our carbon footprints down becomes ever more pressing. As is the need for energy efficient homes. Building new modern homes to the standard needed is easy compared to upgrading the

NCF Briefing paper UK USA Trade Talks Standards issues. June 2020

NCF Briefing paper UK USA Trade Talks Standards issues. June 2020 National Consumer Federation Briefing Paper Click Here

Are you a COVID-19 duck?

There is a test for Covid-19 according to the BBC Radio 4 programme More or Less and it is based on the old saying … If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck and looks like a duck … it’s probably a duck. What the radio programme delved into was the accuracy of the tests